Dan Martin - Red Jersey TdF 2018

Dan Martin awarded Super Combative Rider -Red Jersey TdF 2018-Most vital and competitive rider #vegetativetraining


Is it possible to accelerate restoration processes and regain biological vitality/optimal flow without using touch, talking, medicine, sleep, ice, machines or active training?


Hi Inge, hope you’re fine.

My nights are good. No nightmares anymore.

My recovery is insane! Every day, I wake up fresh and dynamic.

My sensations during training are really good. I am so strong and my heart fits perfectly to the effort I am producing. My training partners are tired of riding with me.

I am really enjoying the movements you showed me. I do it better and better. Turning shoulders same time as Left-Right Hips is now possible (even if my hips are very fast).

I plan to come to Bayern in January more than ever. I really feel I need a strong reptile session again to finish the process of becoming somebody new. Can you tell me when you think I can come? I will book my plane as soon as possible.

I am really happy and proud to do vegetative training.

Thanks, see you soon, and GOD JUL!

The way I see it the restoration science of Pro Cycling might need some new input when it comes to achieving deep adaptive restoration.

Dan Martin Stage 5

Dan Martin Stage 5 win. Critérium du Dauphiné 2018

If the human organism is a complex system – characterized by the dynamic-functional interaction between the individual elements of the human system, then restoration of the system is safest through its own self-regulation processes, or?  This means that organismic levels (genes, cells, tissues, organs, players, teams) are related through circular causality.

“Humans forms a biological system with an inherent capability to adapt to changes. This is also where the complexity lies, as large inter-individual differences may arise as to how humans respond to changes”.
Alli Gokeler  · Evert Verhagen · Michael T. Hirschmann

Imagine every day during a Tour, (used TdF 2017-18 with interesting result) a training camp, altitude training, sleeping very good.  Wake up in the morning feeling relaxed, good and not tired. Legs feeling pretty good.

You do not have to understand or believe in the method. It works

This is now more or less possible. Because of the restoration coming, the normalization of the vegetative system is unavoidable if one uses the method. (takes about 35min laying on the back in the human basic position, activating human self-regulation movements, not lifting a finger, nobody touching you).  No more need for massage. Just let the organism start accelerating its recovery processes. Shaking off the tiredness. Everybody can learn to do this alone. You do not have to understand or believe in the method. Just use it.

In real time reorganize body systems. Link.

The human basic position
By bringing the Rider from a vertical to a horizontal position the activity of the vegetative system immediately changes, the blood pressure, for instance, is changed. When you ask the client to move his shoulders and pelvis, you start physical activity. This involves among other things that the heart spontaneously precipitates hormones, and the vegetative system is activated. The disturbed regions in the vegetative system are also activated. (for instance, increased swallowing, ticks, blushing, muscular spasms, trembling etc.) These vegetative reactions are unconscious.  Putting the homeostasis (performance characteristic)  of an organism in movement, so as to support an in-depth transformation of its dynamic.

        Homeostasis, the condition of that regulates human physiology within the range that makes possible not only the survival but also the flourishing of life. Inherent in our chemistry is a powerful force,(feeling) a striving toward life maintenance that governs life in all its guises, including the development of genes that help regulate and transmit life.
Antonio Damasio.   The Strange order of things.  link.


We are dealing with a complex system

Prof. Dr.Dr. Christian Schubert is the head of the Laboratory for Psychoneuroimmunology at the University Hospital in Innsbruck. He sees Vegetative training as one example of the paradigm shift in medicine.

In the concrete example of inflammation, the parasympathetic system activated by vegetative training can now exert its anti-inflammatory effect. This explains why, for example, the athletes report that this “method” accelerates their healing processes during exertion and injury.



Here from the German REGMAN project.  Regenerationsmanagement im Spitzensport

REGman (2012-2020)

NO effective restoration method found



( active recovery (ACT), cold water immersion (CWI), massage (MAS) or passive recovery (PAS)

In recreational runners, a half-marathon results in fatigue symptoms lasting at least 24h. To restore subjective fatigue measures, the authors recommend CWI and MAS, as these recovery strategies are more effective than PAS, with ACT being even disadvantageous. However, runners must be aware that neither the use of ACT nor CWI or MAS had any beneficial effect on objective fatigue markers.  ——


Complex Systems Principles Change the Understanding of Sport Processes

Sports and exercise physiology and psychology, perhaps the two most influential sports science disciplines, are characterized by a strongly reductionist philosophy and remain largely impervious to the transdisciplinary and holistic theories emanating from the science of complex systems



Dear Sports scientist, Sports medical doctor, now it’s possible to make the adaptive physiology smile again.

During a hard race, training or a major Tour sometimes the organism inner dynamic reaches is maximum and the organism in away starts to compensate and break down. The inner structures, the adaptive processes, the vegetative system, the homeostasis has reached its maximum.

Over time also called Allostatic overload and if not proper transformed  may later develop to unclear sickness- symptoms and performance loss, and can be quantified by  measurement of  disturbance in autonomous, hormonal, immunological and genetic variables:

epigenetic mechanism

In Pro cycling – the big 3 week races – massage on a tired body can be dangerous.  The massage attack(stress load) on the organism can lead to disruptive peristaltic (digestions disturbance),  loss of biological vitality,  fever symptoms. Heavy tiredness and loss of mental focus the next day. (  induced immune perturbations (also referred to as the ‘open window’ of immune dysfunction), during which viruses and bacteria gain a foothold and the risk of subclinical and clinical infections +infectious risk-possible transfer of alien bacteria/virus and organismic waste through touching) .

Physio, massage and other invasive methods can be seen as an attack on the human organism and will be fought back by the adaptive physiology.(compensated by adaptive physiology and might create unsolvable vegetative contradictions)  It adds disturbance and can lay the ground for long-lasting injuries and performance loss ( in some cases even lead to dysregulated maladaptive physiology) and destroy/delay the organisms own self-healing/regulation processes.

The experience of hard racing is, in reality, a contradiction in the vegetative system. Today’s recovery science in Pro cycling sometimes tries to reduce this disturbance with spinning on a bike after the race, cooling therapy etc., and sleeping. For me, this is not enough.

The disturbance pattern, the contradiction in the vegetative system is possible to more or less transform,  and create a normal vegetative balance with vegetative training in about 30-45 min.

The method is an incredibly powerful way of putting the homeostasis (performance characteristic)  of an organism in movement, so as to support an in-depth transformation of its dynamic.  Every session will gradually improve all functions of the organism. Improvement starts centrally in the organism and partly through epigenetic mechanisms spreads peripherally to all other biochemical, physiological, somatic, emotional and cognitive processes.

 processes contribute significantly to the neuromuscular fatigue experienced in the days after racing-matches-training,

https:// journals.lww.com/acsm-msse/Fulltext/2017/05000/Etiology_and_Recovery_of_Neuromuscular_Fatigue.12.aspx

The restoration session provokes the homeostasis .  Often experienced as spasm/shaking in the body.   During the session, the athlete might fade out a bit. Like in trance. Short after session, one might feel some disorientated but deeply relaxed and revitalized. After about 15-20 min clearness and energy coming.

Most riders have had injuries. This injuries will be remembered by the organism usually as a  performance disturbance or instinctive fear that can reduce biomechanical and coordination control/skills and might lead to /seek more accidents happening. With vegetative training, we can transform those structures and lift the general functionality of the organism.

Irishman Dan Martin earned his best overall result in the Tour de France 2017, sixth place this July. The crazy thing is, he rode more than half of the race with two fractured vertebrae in lower back. “The amazing effect of Vegetative training”.


NB!  Massage on Pro riders tired cold body, heat cream ( for example after cold wet stage) can lead to flu/fever, possible heart irregularity symptoms/illness. Massage – physio and other invasive methods add overload/disturbance to adaptive physiology (starts an inflammation response) and should be avoided.  Sometimes the organism reacts with flu/fever symptoms to cook out extras stress added.


The science I represent has more than 60 years experience in normalizing the vegetative system and improving breathing capacity. The method is based on an old medical/psychological tradition from Norway with long experience on improving coordination skill, breathing capacity, biomechanics, mental focus/strength, and recovery. Its called Self-regulated and experience orientated vegetotherapy. SOV. In sports, I call it Vegetative training. VGT.


Ive used the method on Pro riders during altitude training, races and daily training, and Tour de France 2017-18. 


jakob  permie ut rio

If you are curious or want more info I’m happy to answer any questions or provide more info.

Sending You good vibes here from Kiefersfelden, Bayern. Germany.

Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen

Email: inge.clausen@gmail.com
Europe mobile:   +47 98 6666 53
Facebook: Inge-Jarl Clausen
Skype:  ingejarlclausen
Twitter  @ijclausen



    • thx. you are very right. sport science needs to wake up. good vibes from a pro cycling trainingcamp in tenerif

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