Expanding the human capacity in Pro Cycling

Vegetative training in Pro cycling

A Pro riders breathing capacity,  velocity, reaction time, coordination skills, energy absorption/ peristaltic functionality  and bio-mechanical flow are decided by his performance grid.  (the homoeostasis)  This grid is connected to all adaptive functions with a lot of inner disturbance that limits top performance of the organism.  Through traditional training there is small movement and improvement comes slowly. (usually the strong limiting structures can not be removed with traditional training.)

What we do is different.  We open up the whole performance grid. Put it in tremendous movement so all the inner dynamic transforms and limiting structures starts dissolving/transforming..  After each session the system body re-organizes it self at a higher level of functionality.  This my tradition has done for more than 60 years.

After 2-3 weeks with the method any Pro rider will be at higher level of performance.  His inner true performance capacity starts to expand. This must happen if one uses the method. Its unavoidable as the limiting structures goes away. So it does not matter how good a Pro rider is.

The method is not mental training or physiotherapy or any touch or talking. We have found the exact movement that restarts the organism and expands it from deep inside. After one session about 30-45 minutes the organism lifts to a higher level of functionality.

If you ever are looking for a way to expand you performance capacity?  Open up more of your inner potential?. Then maybe this proven scientific method is of interest. Tested in races and training with Riders in Garmin Sharp and one Rider in Astana. And with footballers in Manchester City FC, Everton FC and the Austrian National team. Recently with one Iron Man with very interesting performance improvement.

I represent a science that has 60 years experience in expanding lung volume and removing inner structures of the organism that limits performance.

The method is based on an old medical/psychological tradition from Norway that have long experience with improving coordination skill, breathing capacity, bio mechanic and mental focus/strength. Its called Self regulated and experience orientated vegetotherapy. SOV. Developed by Kjell Standal in Bergen (kjestand@online.no) In sport.  I call it Vegetative training. VGT.

Medical science has ignored how experiences of life get inscribed in our biology and directly shapes our performance characteristic. This as structures of disturbance in adaptive physiology that we can carry for all life.  Here a link to the science documenting this.


More lung volume -easier breathing control

We have found a way to expand the organism from inside and major improve the performance characteristic a pro cyclist in 2-4 weeks. This we do without use of any medicine, traditional training or physical contact.

In this time frame lung-volume will expand about 5-10%.

Also breathing becomes lighter and easier to control. Inner resistance in movement will be reduced. Bio-mechanic will turn to more individual optimal, stable and freer.

Disturbances structures that we all carry in our adaptive physiology decides our organism maximum functionality on all level. By removing this disturbance the general functionality and performance possibility of the organism increases.

Smoother movement – lighter bio mechanical movement

Inside the organism there is resistance structures/ like sand in the machine. When they are released movement becomes easier, smoother, more stable and less energy consuming.  Both watt output and watt endurance improves.

More optimal riding position

As the bio-mechanic turns into more individual optimal, sitting parameter on bike will change. Shoulders goes back and down. Belly goes out and open more of lower lungs and make more place for organs. Change coming in seat-height, seat position, arm position- steering bar length, position of brake-handles, position of shoe clicks. After about 2-3 months foot-blades becomes wider and shoe must sometimes be changed.

Growing a younger organism

Every session will improve all functions of the organism and start to grow it younger. A rider around 35 will get a few year younger in about 3 months.


A new recovery paradigm in Pro Cycling – Hearth beat irregularities

From my science background the recovery science of Pro Cycling needs some updating when it comes to achieving deep recovery. We can more or less fully recover the adaptive physiology ( balance out the vegetative system) in about 40 min with Vegetative training after a race. This is a advantage for any rider. Tiredness mostly goes away. Good sleep coming. Legs and whole organism feels lighter in the morning next day.

Its not uncommon with hearth beat irregularities in Pro Cycling. This can be more or less serious. The origin of  hearth beat irregularities /variation is usually connected to saturated disturbance in adaptive physiology.  In reality a contradiction in the vegetative system, that could not be solved in a satisfying way for the Rider. With the method we can usually resolve the  contradiction and normalize the vegetative balance.

Here some links.



The practical work

One are laying on a therapy bench doing a special breathing method for about 45 minutes. This might sound easy but is usually  hard work and pretty strange.  The body can start shaking and moving uncontrolled. Not all athletes has the  discipline and mental power to  provoke their existing  performance characteristic  and psychological defence of their world. But this is needed to improve the inner performance level.

What we do is transforming experiences/limitations/injuries stored as disturbances in the human physiological adaptation systems, This  starts a deep structural transformation and rebuilding of brain and body.

In general the method will strongly provoke the autonomous nervous system and set of a incredible powerful transformation of your performance characteristic and dynamic.  Your organism will expand.  After every session some new performance comes.  A small change in the organism functionality.

Improvement starts centrally in the organism and spreads peripheral to all other biochemical, physiological, somatic, emotional and cognitive processes. This needs to be repeated as any other training  to gain substantial improvement from inside the organism.

If you are interested in knowing more email me, or hook me up on Skype, FB or Twitter

Sending you lots of good vibes here from Bayern

Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen

Email: inge.clausen@gmail.com

Mobile:    +47 98 6666 53
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