What is Vegetative Training?

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Tour de France 2018

Daniel Martin wins stage 6 Tour de France 2018

This a science-methodology outside the possible reality of today’s sports medicine and sports science? (A complex system approach,  based on self-regulation, improving our biological vitality)

A drastic break with the classical reductionism of sports training and sports medical science. Using the same principles that successfully have developed the living organism for billions of years.

To keep the advantage we need to learn/update and understand that everything physiology is feeling. And that our history of the emotional load really is what regulates how much of the organisms programming capacity(biological vitality) is available.  A huge potential in us all. 

If You do not have the time to read all this article you only have to know that using Vegetative Training must lead to substantial improvement in your performance. It does not matter how good you are. 

This is a new approach to reality. Understanding that the basis of all our actions is how we were introduced to reality orientation and on what premises were we told about what the real world really is.

And try to understand this: (any questions just ask me)

Improvement starts centrally in the organism and partly through epigenetic mechanisms spread peripherally to all other biochemical, physiological, somatic, emotional and cognitive processes.  By releasing/transforming experiences saturated as disturbances in human physiological adaptation systems, (vegetative system) the organism starts, partly through epigenetic mechanisms a deep structural transformation and a rebuilding of brain and body.

The organising power of energy. ANS/VAGUS activation

Some have experienced the vegetative inversion- the vegetative wave. A huge transformation. (inversion [in-ver´zhun] 1. a turning inward, inside out, or other reversal/transition of the normal/current state of the organism)

Traditional sports science, sports med. usually sees a top athlete like an almost empty toothpaste tube. Almost no more potential to squeeze out,  and difficult with legal means. That’s the old paradigm.

In the new reality, we see the athletes adaptive physiology saturated with a history of emotional load and suppressed biological vitality – limiting performance. (possibly faulty biomechanics leading to injury) A new potential that can be made available.  Massive new vitality and performance coming.

Core assumptions and methodologies of Sports science have remained unchallenged and unchanged despite the fact that their underpinning theories have disintegrated.

Complex system thinking in sports. Bidirectional homeostatic loops. circular causality, FEELINGS

Experiential and scientific knowledge, relating to sports training methodologies, has been historically influenced by reductionist and dualistic models.”



This article is mostly about improvement in Pro Cycling.

Any other sport like Golf, football – table-tennis, tennis, and others will improve their important performance characteristic. (breathing capacity, velocity, rapid response, serve power, coordination skills,  self-confidence, cognitive power,  mental focus/power).

Vegetative points to our inner pillars of adaptation. Our vegetative system. Our performance frame. Training here means we break up and expand the performance characteristic of the organism centrally. This is done by putting the athlete in the most optimal position for activating self-regulation, then using the organisms own self-regulation movements – accelerating them.

footbal vegetative training

In my opinion, any athlete should consider improving the imperfect/lacking contact with basic and spontaneous biologically determined movements that characterize the athlete These contacts may be more or less disturbed, but it is always disturbed.  For me, these processes are the organisms own keys to human transformation-performance.

In my experience, most athletes will fast improve beyond his/her performance maximum when using Vegetative Training.

Seamus Coleman

After 2 weeks Seamus Coleman got Man of the Match 5 times in 8 matches,


Prof. Dr.Dr. Christian Schubert is the head of the Laboratory for Psychoneuroimmunology at the University Hospital in Innsbruck. He sees Vegetative training as one example of the paradigm shift in medicine.


Its mostly unknown or new to the sports industry/science that we can transform/remove structures in our Vegetative system that limits performance and recovery.

That we can expand the performance characteristic of a Pro rider from inside with only laying on a bench.  And no touch, traditional training,  talking, machines or medicines.

That is possible to expand lung-volume(+10 to 15%), make it easier to breath, easier to control breathing, remove inner resistance in biomechanics,  turn biomechanic more open and individual optimal,  improve coordination skills,  rapid responses, make riding lighter and more easy (same watt lower heart rate) should be interesting news to Pro Cycling. And imagine no more need for a massage!

Dan Martin - Red Jersey TdF 2018


Vegetative training can transform injury, emotional load/disturbance and adaptive limitations to exhilarating new performance. We see trauma as a potential for improvement.

The tradition has +60 years experience in expanding lung volume and breathing function and generally lift all functions of the organism.  Think about that!!.

Its not a new approach but the sports industry only needs to rediscover, update some of their methods and theoretic.

Inaki de la Parra.Mexico. World Champ Ultraman 2016. 27th. Nov . Hawaii

(Eternally grateful to Inge Jarl Clausen & his method to overcome my own demons/mental issues and transform my psychological & physical limitations to exhilaration performance I never had before/  The cool thing I can feel there is more performance to come with  Vegetative Training , Inaki de la Parra   #Joy)

Some Pro riders in Garmin, UAE, Astana knows the method and have experienced interesting development.  And athletes in Manchester City FC, Everton FC. Real Valladolid FC.  Dinamo Zagreb, Club Necaxa LigaMx, Dakar Rally 2017. The Austrian National team football went from FIFA rank 46 to 10 after using Vegetative training for a year.

vlad  drinkhall 4 2

Vladimir  Samsonov  Oldest player in Top world TT, , 40 year,  Got to semi in  Rio 2016 ,Final result  No 4,  His best games ever.Now World Rank no. 8.

Its also new to Pro cycling is that we can more or less fully recover a Rider after a hard race or training.  This in about 35min. If used every day during a grand tour its possible to be more or less fully ready again for the next Grand tour in a few days after. I’ve done this in Pro cycling at altitude training, during hard races and lately with Ultraman Inaki de la Parra.

Some Riders might suffer some kind of flu/fever or other unclear symptoms during the season. I see this as a natural reaction to an overload of adaptive physiology due to a not deep enough recovery method.  The body can try to cook out overload structures.

What if we every day took away any overload signs with Vegetative training. Balance out the vegetative system. Get the riders smiling and getting deep sleep during races or training.. Then the season will be with less adaptive sicknesses / dysfunctional transitional symptoms.

jakob  permie ut rio

Picture: Jakob Fuglsang ,left.  Olympic Silver medal Rio 2016 Road race Cycling.  In 2ß15 iI lived close to Jakob. for 4 months, Travelled with him to all his race. Worked almost daily with the method. It dramatically changed his future development potential.  Set free more potential of the organism.  He started to build a new body.


Few know it is possible to make the organism of a rider look younger and fitter.  A rider around +30 years will normally look a few years younger in 2-3 months.


I believe if the method is used by one of the World Grand tour favorite Teams we might see a Rider/Team winning all 3 Grand tours in one season

The method is based on an oød Norwegian medical/psychological science/tradition. Not an esoteric variation. No touch-no mental training-no invasive methods no medicine. Practiced and used in Norway for more than 60 years. Approved by Health-Government in Norway since 1950.

Didrik Tønseth Norway. Olympic Champion. From serious injury to Olympic Gold – South Korea 2018


Screenshot 2018-11-21 at 06.53.48.png

Carlos Gracida – Dakar Rally 2017 – His best. Using Vegetative training every day.

The Austrian Experiment

In July 2014 vegetative training was implemented in the Austrian National team Football. Austria won group G, and qualified for Euro Cup 2016. 28 of 30 possible points. Not lost a match. The method has supported improved FIFA world ranking from 46 to 10 (FIFA ranking 5 Nov.. 2015).


austria france 2016



If any key person or Rider in Pro cycling really looks serious into this approach,  I hope he/her will start to understand that this is a real and huge advantage in Pro Cycling performance development.

THE VEGETATIVE SYSTEM – in vegetative training

“The vegetative system consists of the hormone balance, the immune system and the autonomous nervous system sympathetic/parasympathetic”.

The approach can be considered as a holistic, almost monoistic approach in understanding the human organism, and looks at all the manifestations of the organism as an expression of aspects of the same whole. Central to this whole is the functionality, of the vegetative system, which is seen as one of the pillars of the organism’s adaptation, and will determine how the organism is able to utilize its growth and self-regulation potential..

All disorders – mental or body- is also a disorder in the vegetative system. This disorder is essentially a contradiction in the vegetative system, which could not be resolved in a satisfactory way for the individual. Any mental phenomenon has its physical body correlate (answer).

The function of the vegetative system is based on the assimilation of contradictions. Disorders in the vegetative system is unresolved contradictions in the same system.

These differences in the vegetative system is reflected in the organism. When the vegetative system is precluded optimal function through this contradiction, this will penetrate into the organism’s organizations at all levels.

The vegetative system is in a dialectical relation to the entire organism, even to it self. This means that the mirror of the vegetative contradiction in the organism is characterized partly by the organism own compensations to this contradiction seen organismic, but also by the vegetative system’s own compensatory measures.

By any mental or somatic disorders in the organism, the restoration of normal vegetative functions will lead to optimization of the specific organism’s functionality.

The organism’s own healing powers spring out from the vegetative system and works through this system on all other biochemical, physiological, somatic, emotional and cognitive processes.

Change happens centrally and spreads peripherally in the organism

If You are interested in more info look around on this blog or feel free to contact me any time.

Sending You all good vibes here from sunny Bayern, Germany.

Mobile Europe:   +47 98 6666 53
Facebook: Inge-Jarl Clausen
Skype:  ingejarlclausen
Twitter  @ijclausen



Занимался кайтсерфингом около месяца назад и повредил коленный сустав. Наблюдалась визуальная опухоль,дискомфорт ,а также боль внутри колена,что весьма отягощало ежедневное состояние,и ходьбу…

После определенной сессии направленной на конкретную проблему,на моих глазах опухоль с колена постепенно исчезала,также исчезала и боль..просто чудо!

После последующих пару аналогичных сессий ,боль и дискомфорт исчезли полностью.я снова занялся кайтсерфингом!спасибо,Инге!

I Engaged in kite surfing about a month ago and injured my knee.

Observed swelling, discomfort, as well as the pain inside knee that highly mortgaged daily condition, and walking …

After a session aimed at a specific problem, a saw the swelling disappear and my  knee problem gradually disappeared in front of me,  also wore off the pain. . just a wonder!

After subsequent couple of similar sessions, pain and discomfort disappeared completely.

I again took up kitesurfing!

thanks Inge!

11 thoughts on “What is Vegetative Training?

  1. Hi Inger. Was nice to meet you. Having witnessed the therapy you do. I noticed the change in you’re clients..
    Good luck in life

    Carol walker

    • Thx Carol. Very nice to get to know you and your wonderful brother, Sending you both good vibes here from Bayern.

  2. I am very interested in applying this in my life. I am a senior in high school playing basketball and I believe my body could really use this. Where can I find this training in order to use?

    • Thx for interest Vincent. Yepp the method when its learned will for sure develop more performance and keep you more healthy/less injuries. Email me. inge.clausen@gmail.com and I can give more advice-show you.

      Sending you good vibes here from Bayern. Germany.

  3. This is Real. You only have to try it. It put my old shit in terrible movement, Transformed me overwhelming to much nicer stronger person.

    A hard way to go but what else to do when i want to be better in sports and life.

    Thx inge for a hell of a travel

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  5. I see the footballers lying down with their knees up, in the picture above. This is used in Alexander Technique, but has another factor added, that of the head being raised to lengthen the neck, rather than allow it to compress. As with any strengthening program lengthening is excellent for spring. I point you in that direction for more research. Good luck with everything.

  6. Hi! I’m a sports psych and performance coach here in Seattle Washington (USA) working with professional and youth athletes trying to reach their full potential. How do I become trained to teach my clients on your method?

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