A Thinking model in Sport business


A Thinking model in Sport business – How do we maximize the life cycle of this product (player)?

As football has developed the players are now viewed as individual franchises within a greater corporate shell of a holding company. Each ‘franchise’ has its own cost base (salary and transfer fee), KPI’s (position specific measurements) and projected ROI (appearances, goals, assists, future transfer value, etc). This has led to the bigger sports teams investing and prioritising systems and resources to maximize their return on investment.

Operationally this manifests itself in the investment in coaching, medical care, sport science and fitness, psychological support and pastoral and lifestyle care models to support all varieties of needs.

Risk Management in this context is about taking away all the excuses for under performance by providing an infrastructure and environment that reduces unwanted distractions and thereby allowing the Manager / Coaching team with the purist opportunity to assess talent under one question – good enough or not good enough? Once players are recruited (‘picking stock’) they are viewed like any product with the question of – How do we maximize the life cycle of this product (player)?

The parallels to how the asset management world would approach this same dilemma is incredible.thx to

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