Aha experience when reading “The power in you” Die Macht in Dir.

Aha experience when reading “The power in you” Die Macht in Dir.


Dear Mr. Clausen,

For a few days it has been a great need for me to contact you. The descriptions of vegetative training by Gerhard Zallinger’s book were not just interesting, it was much more … and have often determined my thoughts since then. These thoughts give me the feeling that I have found something that, for my understanding of holistic support for athletes, builds an absolutely necessary bridge between athletic training and the classic forms of cognitive training.

On the one hand, my professional activity includes teaching children and adolescents in the subjects of history and sports, on the other hand, I deal with the development of talent in football both theoretically and practically. In this regard, I have long been convinced that there are other methods, which are probably also more justifiable in the area of ​​ethics, than those of the commonly used selection.

However, when it came to developing the potential of a single talent, I always felt that I needed something more than my approaches to funding. And this more, I am convinced at the moment, without having any knowledge or experience with their method, lies in vegetative training. I would therefore kindly ask you to make an appointment because first of all I want to feel a vegetative workout on my own body and I also hope to learn something about their access to athlete care.

Sincerely yours

Hello Jarl, yesterday was an experience that left a deep impression and also has an effect on my lower back ! !!

Although I had a certain expectation, I am amazed at the type and intensity of the physical reaction that I felt.

Thank you very much for this insight into your form of training. At the moment I’m thinking of the following thought: “Should there be a longer break between two units?” I am already looking forward to the sequel and therefore wanted to ask you for another appointment!