Austrian National Team – Vegetatives training

Austria National team -

Das ganze Land in “Europhorie”!

„Man kann extrem stolz auf uns sein“, gab Marko Arnautovic nach geschaffter EM-Qualifikation zu Protokoll. Sind wir, Marko, sind wir! Das ganze Land ist in EUROphorie – wir haben ein neues Wunderteam! Vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen Österreich maximal Mitläufer in Fußball-Europa war. Jetzt gehören wir zur absoluten Elite! In der neuen Weltrangliste (erscheint am 1. Oktober) sind wir auf dem sensationellen 11. Platz.

9. sept 2015

Aufwachen Österreich – Vegetatives training war ab Juli 2014 in team Team eingeführt von:

Feedback from Chief Sport Scientist Dr. Gerhard Zallinger, Austrian National team football

Early 2013 – the Sportsdirector of the Austrian Football Federation gave me a handwritten letter and asked me, if I ever have heard about the method – Vegetative training. I hadn’t! None of our staff had.

As every incoming interest will be followed up it was me as Chief Sport Scientist who got in contact with Inge Jarl Clausen, a Norwegian VGT-Therapist. We meet in Kufstein and after a couple of minutes talking I strongly felt the urge to know more about the method, since it dealt with breathing capacity, Recovery, Parasympathicus, The Vegetative System and so on.


Zallinger. 3. June 2014. Austrian Training camp Wien.
Hi Inge,

now the doctor especially is convinced 100% that this does something amazing to the whole organism…!

we try integrate it now seriously, XX, Physios, Doc and me.

A few athletes that regularly show up in my practice were faced with what they thought is a breathing routine. But when injuries suddenly lost its acute pain, chronic disorders went away and the whole body feeling has changed considerably, even they were convinced to experience a new input to their performance.

One and a half years later my clients getting instant release from massive pain, breathing improved, clearing of mental issues without turning attention on in it the first place…all this is possible by positioning the people in the basic breathing position properly and letting them try to breathe like a new born baby does.

To me VGT is a method to reorganize the „System Body“. For elite sports this will become an advantageous and soon an inevitable tool.

I want to emphasize that the experience I have made with every day sport people and others is so overwhelming, I still can hardly estimate what this can help us in our sport

don’t get me wrong,

I am very skeptical when I get feedback from players or therapists, but this method has absolutely convinced me to change my working practice.


Dr. Gerhard Zallinger
Paracelsusgasse 2
4055 PUCKING- Austria.
mobil: +43 699 17280201

Premier league.

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