This is written by me, Kjell Standal, in a bit of anger over the fact that the Norwegian legal aid does not help the sexually abused and raped women, that the scary number that is given is that 99 out of 100 women who have been the victim of abuse do not get help with legal authorization to pursue the brutal assault and abuse. We have taken up the contest with India in this way of treating women on? I have not referred to any books, magazines, or anything else, but taken this out of my experience with this issue.

Perception disorder, deficits and fragmentation.

Fundamental features that perception (to take in through the senses) and to experience different aspects of an object out of a whole (places, people, etc.) will be greatly impaired by either

1. The attention will be greatly narrowed so that, for example, only parts of the object will be seen and experienced/persipert, too many details, (tunnel vision)

2. The lack of focus of attention makes that the details will be gone, “blurred vision”. This leads to the inability to see the big picture by an object, too little details are being observed.

The inability to see the big picture of the object/situation and the inability to put together bits of information into a single whole will then be the consequence. Thus loses an opportunity to gain visibility and the Foundation to organize his life in an adequate way. One major consequence is learningdisorder and the loss of the content.

Over time the person lack the power to maintain concentration. This leads to confusion as a result, and many give up, since the motivation to concentrate on the event’s content is declining due to the many defeats and a lack of management experience.

The lack of perception of what actually exists (can’t/don’t want to take in the real world), the sexually abused do not manage to maintain a reasonable balance between the basic cognitive processes such as assimilation, that new impressions are adjusted to fit our thought forms that we have, and accommodation, that the new knowledge/innsikten do that we have to change our State of existence forms, so that they are tailored to the reality. The map changes.

Assimilation is the main process, and accommodation often takes place on the basis of fantasies, performances and distortions of reality and not in relation to the actual events.

The mental/emotional basis for this is the defence mechanisms such as displacement, denial , projection, splitting and idealization

Sequel of cognitive decline:

– Passivity/hyperactivity.

– Irritability.

– The due date in the sales.

– Poor language development.

– Bad cultural understanding. (Social dysfunction)

– Simple solutions to complex problems.

– Anxiety.

– Depression.

– Social withdrawal due to lack of fellowship with peers.


Through the poignant experience of insecurity, in reality, to be outlawed. It to be deprived of a basic needs. Home and family, a safe base.

A broken relationship to all adults, regardless of on duty. Must keep a secret to all so that one will not be cast out and disgraced. Outlaw. Shame.

The main page at the emotional life are likely to be:

– Fear.

– The rage.

– Helplessness.

– Despair

– Little room for joy and spontaneity.

The person will have to spend a lot of energy to prevent/* show emotionally  how he/she really have it. This is done most commonly by minimizing the element:

– Your body language.

– Mimic.

– Vote the variation.

This will mean that we encounter a body that is not allowed to react adequately on the one for the emotional state. This means that it has been deprived of a natural evolution in relation to his own condition, because it’s been violated and invaded by another body. At the sexual abuse of children/young people get this consequences for the development of puberty. Invaded pre pubs spoken by an adult. Problems with growing up. (Be that the offender).

When the pre-puberty is sexuality under coercion, so will this forced sex pursuing this person into puberty, regardless if the sexual abuses are stopped or not. If the acts in question are not ceased to puberty be ushered in with an ongoing adult sexual life.

This will affect the child’s development at all levels the rest of your life.

All the emotions that should be sorted in puberty, proximity, affection, warmth, friendship, anger, fear, yes all that belongs in the interaction and the development of relations in the emotional, and the somatic in its physical expression, will be disturbed in such a forcible sexual situation.

This will deprive the child the ability to explore the puberty and adolescence, which basically is a natural and free development phase in life, on a free and spontaneous approach.

It’s stood the chance of that this may lead to the fact that this person is being inflicted on the late development, abnormal development, develop ORB  or to repeat the actions and misuse other children.

There will also be a high probability that the person will lose key features in a couple of conditions, being able to give himself to his own body experience, explore themselves, their emotional needs/reactions, and their own sexuality. How to set, one can argue that the  “footprint” of the abuser will remain for all time in the abused organism.

Trust is a fundamental concept relating to our emotional life. Wrap this confidence of close people or by anyone in given situations, then this is a fundamental negative experience with profound consequences for the vulnerable. The ability to be able to trust that what others say and do is reality/truth, can be totally destroyed, and in some cases fatal.

As a result, with a high probability to the following consequence, all meet with the mistrust and scepticism. This distrust is perceived immediately by other people, that responds to this signal with the rejection of the abused. When is the utstøtnings mechanisms in the time and social isolation/vulnerable and lean network as a result.

Sex acts as a form of communication based on the power between adults and children, can lead to the child itself takes over this communication form, and use sexuality as the control communication above other people. This can the outer ones such as promiscuity and sexual exploitation as a consequence, including prostitution. The child has, through this life experience taught that to communicate adults above children when they want to have full control over the child through abuse of power against and fear created by the child.


The body is the delicacy of home. (Psyche and soma, vegetoterapi, )

All emotional responses/states is rooted and corresponding to the pills with a somatic basis. When a strong emotion like anger cannot be expressed in an acceptable way *, so one would have to make use of the muscular energy to prevent that expresses the feelings themselves physically, motor as screaming, yelling, hitting, kicking all of body searches for the son in their desire to express the emotional state it is in.

At a 12-year-old as to the bodily growth that takes place in pre puberty or puberty be accompanied by that emotions have the opportunity to express themselves in bodily motor activity that, laughter, tears, defiance, anger, joy, dance, grief and depressed mood, all bodily activities that express an emotional state.

When the body’s expression of feelings have to be shut off because this can not be shown, then from the organism in to go into the natural growth and development that puberty will have to live through. You can’t shut down of a feeling, it will be all or nothing.

The major bodily changes that occur after puberty is mainly controlled by the hormonal changes. Hormones and emotions are closely linked together. If your child’s emotions have to be suppressed by the child himself, so that they cannot be expressed, so this will affect on the body’s hormone production. The consequences of such a change may be hampered/deferred the development of female body shapes, such as the thighs, hips and breasts, as well as hampered/disturbed female fat distribution. In addition, the Act also disturbances related to the whole of the female hormonaksen and the female organs attached to her abdomen, uterus/ovaries.

This often leads to growth impairment and dysfunctions in the motor system and can lead to body unfamiliarity and lack of knowledge about their own body movements. Somatic disorders as bad in the stomach, intestinal disorders and urinary inflammation digestion difficult, and difficulties with the delicate mucous membranes are also quite common.

Disgust and loathing for their own abdomen is very common, as well as that the abused girls are developing a hygineproblem, either in that they can not bear to touch herself some sexual and therefore washes up rarely, or conversely that they wash them frequently and thoroughly so that they become very sore.

Puberty is a time of syntesedannelse related to the psyche and soma. If this syntesedannelsen is disturbed, or that the possibility of forming such a synthesis unworkable, the situation can occur that the somatic/mental synthesis cannot generate the State of existence value that forms the basis for insight. The abused are getting thus the only access to the fragmented experiences and acquire, therefore, insufficient information on their overall condition that organism. And is therefore cut off from essential parts of human understanding phenomena as we all grapple with:  Who am I? The lack of a basis for self-knowledge and identity feeling.

The cognitive/emotional/somatic dysfunksjonen, which is actually a survival strategy/defense, putting sexually abused back/in arrears in relation to the development of the peers. This is linked with all of the early experience with adult sexuality, leading to that they are misused will get an experience that they are on certain areas are older than their peers.

This together with the etterhenget in the development can lead to the fact that they are experiencing themselves as “infested”, outside and foreign to the own culture. It can lead to those people who have such poor self-perception, and lack of perception of herself as a totality, a lack of identity, no faith in their own coping skills, seek support and protection in adults/older men.

Kjell Standal Specialist in chlinical psychology