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Feedback from Chief Sports Scientist Dr. Gerhard Zallinger, Austrian National team football

Early 2013 – the Sports director of the Austrian Football Federation gave me a handwritten letter and asked me, if I ever have heard about the method – Vegetative training. I hadn’t! None of our staff had.

As every incoming interest will be followed up it was me as Chief Sports Scientist who got in contact with Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen, a Norwegian VGT-Therapist. We meet in Kufstein and after a couple of minutes talking I strongly felt the urge to know more about the method, since it dealt with breathing capacity, Recovery, parasympathicus, The Vegetative System and so on.

From this day I started to learn the method.

Austria National team -

Zallinger. 3. June 2014. Austrian Training camp Wien.
Hi Inge,

now the doctor especially is convinced 100% that this does something amazing to the whole organism…!

we try integrate it now seriously, XX, Physios, Doc and me.

A few athletes that regularly show up in my practice were faced with what they thought is a breathing routine. But when injuries suddenly lost its acute pain, chronic disorders went away and the whole body feeling has changed considerably, even they were convinced to experience a new input to their performance.

One and a half years later in my practice, i experience that my clients getting instant release from massive pain, breathing expanding/improved, biomechanic turning more optimal and stable, clearing of mental issues without turning attention on in it the first place…all this is possible by positioning the people in the basic breathing position properly and letting them try to breathe like a newborn baby does.

Even epigenetic mechanisms are touched and I am sure modern science will prove some of the effects.

My latest experience is proof enough to me when during a so-called vegetative breakthrough my broken arm from childhood seemed to realign. Is it the deep memory of structure that is activated?

Can the organism break up settings, body memories of painful injuries, shieldings and armourings that were acquired in the now and past through traumas and experiences? The theory says „Yes“ and my experience in practice and practicing my self says exactly the same.

To me VGT is a method to reorganize the „System Body“ and improve biological vitality.  For elite sports this will soon become a hugely advantageous and inevitable tool.

I want to emphasize that the experience I have made with everyday sports people and others is so overwhelming, I still can hardly estimate what this can help us in our sport

don’t get me wrong,

I am very skeptical when I get feedback from players or therapists, but this method has absolutely convinced me to change my working practice.


Chief Sports scientist Austrian Football Federation / National team soccer.

Dr. Gerhard Zallinger
Paracelsusgasse 2
4055 PUCKING- Austria.
mobil: +43 699 17280201

Austria won Euro cup qualifier group 2015. Improved FIFA rank from 46 to 10 in one year.


1. Contact /test medical team.

Clausen got in contact with the club by sending them an email with a short description of his therapy approach and asked for a meeting. Medical Director Donachie had prompt interest in it because he always was on the lookout for new methods to improve his team.

Though he was skeptical in the beginning “due to the fact this approach is different to everything they tried before.. Its truly a new paradigm in sports development., says Donachie. So before using the method on his players Donachie and his Medical Team tried it on themselves.

After one week with therapy, the effects were stunning”, as Donachie remembers. Also the biggest skeptics in the medical staff reported of unimagined well-being and a clear subjectively improvement.

2. Player development

Thereupon the team committed two players to Clausen. Those two players were suffering from long time injuries and low fitness. The results were astonishing. “Both athletes improved a lot. The players showed amazingly more self-confidence on the court. Especially Séamus Colemans condition increased tremendously.

After working with Inge, for two weeks Coleman played eight games in a row and was voted ‘Man of the Match’ five times.” It´s hard to prove that the changes was directly connected to Vegetotherapy but for Donachie and his team there is no doubt about it.


Medical director Everton FC.

Daniel Donachie

Mob. +44 7985523619


1. . Long lasting injuries

One had a hamstring injury and they wanted to do surgery, After 2 weeks he was back training. Scored his first goals for Man City. 3 goal in next 2 matches. Then selected ENG Nat team

One with a long lasting knee problem. Been out for several months. After one week back training. Got man of the match against Chelsea. Then selected Eng Nat team,

One with unclear performance loss, After one week the origin of performance loss. A serious car accident as a child got released. Then back in startup and played his best matches the next month. Then selected Eng Nat team.


Real Valladolid  -Spain –  May 2017

Vegetative training by Fran Albert – Sports Scientist Real Valladolid Spain – Profesor universitario at Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca

Our range of social behavior-life performance is limited by our human physiology, according to the Polyvagal Theory (including the concept of neuroception).

  (A complex system approach,  based on self-regulation and experience orientated)

My own experiences

It may be bold of me to say that this type of training is the Aleph, the Alpha & Omega of  Sports training. However, it is what I feel.

For several days I have been able to experience in my own body a transformation of series of emotions that have made me balance my thoughts and the functioning of my body once again.

On the other hand, I was able to verify as well the development of an athlete that was with Inge for 2 weeks. I can say that I have been able to see a huge improvement in his performance when in competition and training.

I still cannot, however, quantify or explain fully what happened. What I do know is that Vegetative training translated into a very powerful and visible solidness, energy and action.

read more here>

Here links to more info on Vegetative training.

Sending you good vibes here from Bayern, Germany

Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen

Mobile Europe:   +47 98 6666 53
Facebook: Inge-Jarl Clausen
Skype:  ingejarlclausen
Twitter  @ijclausen


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