Goalkeeper Improvement


Vegetative training for Goalkeepers

How can we get more biological vitality available for a Top Goalkeeper without using medicine, touch, talking, monitoring, machines or traditional training?

A goalkeepers range of velocity, anticipation skills, reaction time, coordination skills and rapid decisions are regulated by his performance grid.  (the homeostasis)  This grid is connected to all adaptive functions with a lot of inner disturbance that limits the top performance of the organism.  Through traditional training, there is small movement and improvement comes slowly. (usually, the strong limiting structures cannot be removed with traditional training.)

To unlock more potential of a GK  it is possible to open his/her inner performance grid. Put it in tremendous movement so the inner adaptive dynamic transforms and limiting structures start dissolving.  After each session, the system body re-organizes itself at a higher level of functionality/vitality.

After about 2 weeks with Vegetative training, any goalkeeper will be at a much higher level of performance.  This is unavoidable as the limiting structures transform to new performance.  So it does not matter how good a goalkeeper is.  Unbelievable but true.

The method is not mental training, physiotherapy or any touch, talking, medicine or using machines.


In the new paradigm, we see the GK adaptive physiology saturated with a history of emotional load and suppressed biological vitality – limiting performance. A huge potential that can be transformed. Massive new vitality and performance are available.

In my opinion, it is the imperfect/lacking contact with basic and spontaneous biologically determined movements that characterize the  Goalkeeper. This contact may be more or less disturbed, but it is always disturbed. Now we can start to remove the disturbance.


The method is an incredibly powerful way of putting the homeostasis (performance characteristic)  of an organism in movement, so as to support an in-depth transformation of its dynamic. One session of about 45 min. Every session will gradually improve all functions of the organism. Improvement starts centrally in the organism and partly through epigenetic mechanisms spreads peripherally to all other biochemical, physiological, somatic, emotional and cognitive processes.

Here some links about the method.

From Austrian National team, Everton, Man City


From Real Valladolid SAD- Spain – May 2017


The transformation of Seamus Coleman



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