In real time, reorganize/optimize body systems -Vegetative Training®

The effect of the Vegetative Training® (VGT) 

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Last week, together with my teammate Stefan, I took on the challenge Tour Transalp 2018 for the second time.

It was necessary to cope with 18 alpine passes, 7 stages, 817 km, 18.000 Altitude meters.

I took this opportunity to test the impact of the Vegetative Training® (VGT) on recovery in tough competitive conditions. I’ve practiced this method personally since the beginning of the year.  And recently for some time also with my clients.

With a daily (once 15min in the morning after breakfast and 30min in the afternoon after the stage), I was able to noticeably intensify and accelerate the regeneration of my body during the 7 days. (Just so you know, cyclist friends, there’s no need for massage anymore)

I noticed in real time how body systems reorganized during and after the sessions. Finally, I was able to not only maintain my physical performance level every day, but even expand it.

With regard to my emotional state, I always felt an inner joy and great motivation for the upcoming challenge during this time.

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My conclusion from the endurance test of the Vegetative Training® at the Tour Transalp is therefore extremely positive. I can recommend this method especially for those athletes who know little about pure mental strength.

Vegetative Training® works on the body level even if you do not believe in it.

Kai Sikorski
July 2018