Since 2010-2012 in India n Nepal i done 10 courses of vipassana(10days each)by Goenka,just truelly wanted to figure out the nirvana of buddism n law of univers..

.so the result after such expirience wasnt complete,still was many undiscover questions!!

In 2013 in Goa i meEt Inge-Jarl Clausen, he introduce me VEGETATIVE TRANING!

Since 2014 i do this traning every day,n my mind n body become full balance!

!All questions about law of univers become complete!

!maybe soon Enlightness he-he…so from my own expirience can say that hour of VEGETATIVE TRAINING aprox equal 2-3(10days) of courses vipassana,means in 1000 times stronger!

so univers BE HAPPY…and Infinity thanks to Inge-Jarl Clausen!

he do miracle!he changed my life!