Premier League Investor or Manager


My name is Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen. Im Norwegian and I live in Kiefersfelden, Bayern, Germany.

I write to you as a key person, head coach  or Investor with some new information of paramount importance for  the Sport-industry.

Major improvement of any player, staff member, coaches etc with Vegetative training

Imagine any new player bought will player much better than time of buying after 2 weeks with Vegetative training.  Same will happen to existing players or staff.

Used the last 4 years on players in Man City, Everton, Dinamo Zagreb, Real Valladolid, Celta Vigo Academy. Club Necaxa Mexico, and supported Austrian National team from FIFA rank 46 to 10 in 1 year. Also with athletes in UCI Pro Cycling World Tour , Tour de France 2017, Top 10 world Table tennis, ATP Tennis,  Ultraman World Champion 2016, Rio Olympic 2017, Dakar Rally 2017.  Skiers for Korea Olympic 2018.

Here about how this is possible

In my opinion, more important than any traditional training is to start improving the imperfect/lacking contact with basic and spontaneous biologically determined movements that characterize the  athlete.. This contact may be more or less disturbed, but it is always disturbed.  This is the real key to human transformation-performance.

Its like resetting the organism. Lift all functions to a much higher level in short time. This improvement must come if using Vegetative training.  The performance characteristics will expand as never before.

Ask anyone You know that has experitice on development of footballer. Do they know about this new possibility. For sure not,  because its a a science-methodology  beyond the realm and possible reality  of today’s sport medicine and sport science.


Serious issues in Premier league.

Sport-science knowledge and methods in Premier league  so fare only scratch the surface of potential performance laying in the human organism. Today only a few have the knowledge that its possible to major improve a footballer/athlete by removing limitations in adaptive physiology. (the performance frame). Open up a stronger organism that can  endure more stress with a general higher functionality. This is not a critic about Sport Science.  The amount of stress added to a athlete needs to be controlled/managed by Sport science.

More serious is the new findings in Medical science. A few years ago it was proven that the theoretical foundation of medicine is wrong. Many methods can be harming. The whole biomedical model of contemporary evidence-based medicine has fallen.  The way medical science is organized in organ specialisation is mostly unhealthy. This has been a fact for some years now.

Self-healing always starts centrally in the organism,( party through epi genetic mechanisms)  and then  spreads peripheral to all other biochemical, physiological, somatic, emotional and cognitive processes. It has its origin in the Vegetative system/processes,

New knowledge from integrative research projects reveals a need for theoretical and practical reorientation in medicine with respect to understanding health, on both the individual and the community level.

As long as one continues to invest in the old fallen paradigm of sport medicine one will continue to loose a lot of money. All parameters measuring the investment. like projected ROI (appearances, goals, assists, future transfer value, etc) will be at risk.

Here a link explaining  the fall of contemporary evidence-based medicine. To me a huge tragedy of enormous dimensions.

The new findings has massive impact on Sport-medicine and their methods. Any touching /manipulative approach to the organism can be dangerous. It adds disturbance to selfhealing/selfregulation processes. It can lay the ground for long lasting injuries and destroy/delay the organisms own self-healing/regulation processes. A Athlete who is treated with touching/invasive therapy risk having a injury last forever. Same is valid for any method externally adding disturbance to the adaptive physiology. In fact Sport medicine is mostly helpless and really does not know how to recovery the organism deeply.


Investment/Manager success- in the Sport-industry

How can a investor/manager in the Sport-industry improve his chance of success. If I was a key person I would first do some major changes to the medical team and implement a method based on the latest finding in the medical science. (Eliminating  use of invasive methods of physiotherapy /massage will have positive influence on athlete health/team performance)

The science I represent is one tradition based on the new findings. Its all about removing experiences stored as disturbance/ limitations in our adaptive physiology. (not the opposite as is tradition today)

Here how to build a younger, stronger and fitter Athlete.

Vegetative Training – Major improvement of a footballer

We have discovered and developed a special method to remove inner structures of the organism that limits a players performance characteristic.  We  expand the performance potential from inside the organism. Every time we have a session he will improve some. After 5-10 days substantial improvement of lung-volume, running capacity, coordination skills and mental focus/power.

A footballers breathing capacity,  velocity, reaction time, coordination skills and rapid decisions are decided by his performance grid.  (the homoeostasis)  This grid is connected to all adaptive functions with a lot of inner disturbance that limits top performance of the organism.  Through traditional training there is small movement and improvement comes slowly. (usually the strong limiting structures can not be removed with traditional training.)

What we do is different.  We open up the whole performance grid. Put it in tremendous movement so all the inner dynamic transforms and limiting structures starts transforming..  After each session the system body re-organizes it self at a higher level of functionality.  This my tradition has done for more than 60 years.

The method is not mental training or physiotherapy or any touch or talking. We have found the exact movement that restarts the organism from deep inside. After about 30-45 minutes the organism lifts to a higher level of functionality. In  2-3 weeks any top /athletefootballer will usually perform much better.

The science and method is called Vegetative Training.

Here the science foundation.

The Austrian Experiment

In July 2014 vegetative training was implemented in the Austrian National team Football. Austria won group G,  and qualified for Euro Cup 2016.  28 of 30 possible points. Not lost a match. The method has supported improved FIFA world ranking from 46 to 10 (FIFA ranking 5 Nov.. 2015).


Hope You find the above of interest. I You want to know more or maybe do a few weeks test let me know.

Dec. 2015

Sending You good vibes.
Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen
Mobile:   +47 98 6666 53
Facebook: Inge-Jarl Clausen
Skype:  ingejarlclausen
Twitter  @ijclausen

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