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Reptile session – Aggression psychodrama

Angry feeling management tips

We cannot be engaged and contribute our best efforts if we are emotionally shaken.

Level 2 –  Vegetative training – Aggression psychodrama – Reptile session.


Its stage 2 of SOV Vegetothertapy

This capability to say stop if things become too difficult has not disappeared in the patients, but it must have the opportunity to work and develop. Precisely this ability to speak up, bodily, emotionally and verbally is in my opinion, basically the self-regulation of the organism.

Anger and aggression are initially growth creating forces. They can, however, only function as growth promoting when they are aimed directly towards him/that which is preventing the natural conduct of life, normal freedom, and growth.

This does not mean that the child necessary is given a right, but that the child has a right to show and develop its emotions. If this does not happen it may lead to ill health. (For instance, inwards directed aggression).


Holding back rage, turning it inwards is not healthy, The aggressive forces must be activated in their whole appearance emotionally, bodily and cognitively


The therapeutic consequences of this are very important. The aggressive forces must be activated in their whole appearance emotionally, bodily and cognitively – and then be directed against him/it/those which initially activated these forces and prevented the free developing of these forces.

It will often be the primary persons with whom the emotions are being associated with and against whom they are also being directed. It is important that the patient is then given the opportunity to symbolically, through the use of pictures and bodily activity to “attack” these persons.

On the bench, this may manifest itself as scratching, spitting, kicking, crying and convulsive sobbing.

My experience is that this is absolutely necessary in order to solve the vegetative antagonisms due to a lacking possibility to utilize these powers in their original form created in the system. That all emotionality and all experience mainly must be connected with the real situation in which they appeared and must be solved directly in that connection is a basic principle in my form of vegetotherapy.

Kjell Standal. Bergen Norway The scientific foundation:


17.jan 2018, Kolja and the stick after Reptile session. Keri Goa.

Feedback from clients.

May 2016.

OMG Inge, I feel so fucking good and alive!!! That was one of the most liberating moments in my life!! Thank u thank u thank u!!!!


Oct 2018

Ciao Inge,

I am really, really good!

Feeling so relieved and alive. Feeling a tremendous energy flow going through my body. I have new arms, gently new legs, different pains and tensions around my pelvis are much much lower!

I am feeling so much more peaceful and calm inside and have gained a lot of confidence. Never felt so awaken when waking up for months!

I felt authentic joy when coming back to my wife and daughter. I am feeling much more available for me and for them, with a much more positive approach. My level of motivation is going up.

During my game, I had a pleasant yet unusual tremendous energy in the last part of the game.

Thank you Inge! This weekend was a big step in my life. I’d like to enjoy this period.

Going to continue the “maintenance sessions” and keep on going with my flow for a while.


Feedback from a client. feb 2017

Осуществил уже 2 сесии,эффект поразительный! Глобальное освобождение тела от агрессии,также весьма ощутимая боль,накопленная подсознательно на протяжении жизни, в организме просто исчезает.

совершенно иной уровень жизни и восприятия того же окружающего мира после данной сессии.. Вобщем Инге привязал меня веревкой за пояс с одной стороны,а с другой ,держал меня,как собаку на привязи… У меня палка в руках и передо мной цель《дерево》,воображаемый обьект для выплеска агрессии..

И я просто нападаю на дерево и избиваю его,Инге придерживает за веревку,создавая сопротивление,что усиливает эффект нападения..

И так несколько раундов ,до полного физического изнемождения.. После сесии,новая жизнь!!Спасибо ,Инге.

Carried out for 2 Session, a striking effect! Global body liberation from aggression is also removed old very palpable pain, unconsciously accumulated throughout life, in the body just disappears.

a completely different level of life and perception of the outside world after the session. . In general, Inge tied me with a rope for a belt with one hand and with the other held me like a dog on a leash. . . I have a stick in my hand,  in front of me the goal of ‘tree’, an imaginary person to target aggression.  give it back to where it came from.

And I’m just attacking the dead tree and beat the imaginary him, Inge holds the rope, creating resistance, which increases the effect of the attack.


And so a few rounds to complete physical exhaustion and aggression empty

. . After the Session, a new level of my life !!

Thank you, Inge.

2 thoughts on “Reptile session – Aggression psychodrama

  1. Throughout the course of history we have primal instincts, imagine if we didn’t cater for them in some way. I think corporatism is a damper on raw instinct and it’s influence often has ruined pugilist and other martial art type endeavours.

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