Saving Tiger Woods

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Do we need to rethink injury treatment?

Lower back pain is usually a result of not expressing our aggression/frustration. Not saying stop when its enough. Holding back our rage, our biological vitality is painful.

For several years Tiger Woods has suffered from lower backpain. His medical doctors has been helpless in treating him. They made him addicted to pain killers and other drugs. The lower back pain and side effects of treatment is still bothering him.

Why is it so?.

To me this has a simple answer. The biomedical model of contemporary medicine eliminates experiences/emotions as important in understanding development of health.

Human experiences is not only absent from sport medicine, it is in fact explicitly eliminated by the mathematical analyses performed during assembly of evidence.

For sport medicine Tiger Wodds symptoms comes out of the blue.

Can there be a simple answer to the roots of Tiger Woods backpain.?

Sometimes emotions are saturated in our biology as reoccurring pain and injuries in different parts of our body.

If we take into consideration that experiences/emotional response can lead to lower back pain. What kind of emotional response can lead to lower back pain?

From my tradition we see that suppressed rage and anger mainly expresses it self as reoccurring pain in the lower back. Just feel when you get angry how lower back and belly tightens.

At a early stage it can easily be transformed/released with Vegetative training. This we have done for more than 60 years but very few knows.,  Using the organism self regulation movements and optimal position for self regulation.

Even now after several years with  wrong treatment Vegetative training will help him a  lot to build up a new healthy organism on all levels. Remove the underlying structures that keeps the symptoms going.

Tiger Woods is not alone being wrongly treated. The footballer Frank Ribery was out for several months. Luckily his  French doctor told him to take 8 weeks of and let self healing take its time.  Tiger Woods  was not this lucky.

Now I hope Tiger Woods will get enough time so the organism can heal it self.

July 2017



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