Sports investor or Manager

A new method to ​fast ​get better results with the existing players

My name is Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen. I’m Norwegian and I live in Bayern, Germany.

I write this to inform you about something pretty interesting going on in European soccer.​I represent an old Norwegian Psychological/Medical tradition called Self-regulated based and Experience Orientated Vegetotherapy. In sports, I call it Vegetative training.(VGT) A way to fast improve our pillars of adaptation and performance – the vegetative system.

The tradition has developed a way to remove inner structures of the organism that limits our performance and rejuvenation. In about 2-3 weeks it’s possible to substantially improve the performance characteristic of a footballer without any medicine, traditional training or physical contact.

January 2013 I started testing out VGT in Premier League, Everton and Manchester City. In Everton, I was given two players suffering from long-time injuries and low fitness. After two weeks both showed strong improvement.  One of them, a 2nd choice right-wing defender became man of the match in next 5 of 8 matches.  His name is Seamus Coleman. Here a link to my blog documenting Seamus development.

In spring 2013 i got invited to Man City. They had some players been out for some months with injuries.  One of them had a serious hamstring problem and the med. team was considering surgery.  After two weeks with him he was back in the team. Then scored 3 goal in 2 matches. His first ever for Man City. Later selected for England National team.  One other player had a knee problem. After some days he was back in training. Got man of the match against Chelsea and selected for England National Team.

And here something that really should worry any manager or investor. 

Can investment in the old fallen paradigm of sports medicine lead to losing a lot of money and performance.?  Can the parameters measuring the investment, like projected ROI (appearances, goals, assists, lifespan, future transfer value, etc) might be at risk? 

Can you trust the medical team?  In my opinion not. Link here to

Outdated Sport medical teams? + dangerous practices? = long-lasting injuries?   LINK

I​n 2013 I contacted the  President of The Austrian Football Federation telling him about a new science that  could improve their National teams performance.  He was immediately interested and put me in contact with his Chief Sport Scientist Dr. Gerhard Zallinger.

I started introducing ​ Dr. Zallinger to this new science. We ​ tested the method ​under my supervision, Dr. Zallinger started implementing it on the players, the president, team manager and rest of the staff from July 2014.

Since then the team has not lost a match in Euro Cup Qualifier 2016. Leads Group G. Got 22 of 24 possible points. Qualified for Euro Cup 2016.  Improved FIFA ranking from 46 to 11(FIFA Ranking Oct 2015)  Highest ever for Austria.

Here some more info on the method.

​Ive also used the method in two top World tour Pro Cycling team supporting stagewins in Tour de France and other major race.

Due to client confidentiality, I cannot reveal names on any athletes. Sofare about 20 players in Europen top soccer and about 10 in UCI World Tour Teams has been introduced to Vegetative training.  Their new development is pretty interesting

Here I got a fully proven scientific method. A more than 60 year old tradition specialized in fundamentally improving the performance characteristic of the human organism.

Instead of buying a new player one can now have substantial improvement of the excising players and manager.

Maybe it’s the right time now. To test the method  in Your team ?

Sending You good vibes here from Bayern.

6th. Oct 2015

Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen

Mobile:   +47 98 6666 53
Facebook: Inge-Jarl Clausen
Skype:  ingejarlclausen
Twitter  @ijclausen

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