Transforming Emotional load in Sports

fran albert

Francisco J. Albert García – Sport Scientist – Performance coach of Real Valladolid SAD. Spain.

Feelings are agents of homeostasis, the powerful principle behind the regulation of life. The human saga, in the strict sense, owes a lot to a highly developed cerebral cortex, but the essentials of that saga had been germinating long before.”

Homeostasis, the condition of that regulates human physiology within the range that makes possible not only the survival but also the flourishing of life.  Antonio Damasio

First,  3  basic knowledge points.

1. Emotional experience must, by its nature, be physiological.


link .

Our physiology is emotion. Our biomechanic is mostly the result of our emotional load from relational experiences/disturbance.

2.- Mental health in elite athletes: International Olympic Committee consensus statement (2019)


Management strategies should address all contributors to mental health symptoms and consider biopsychosocial factors relevant to athletes to maximize benefit and minimize harm. (For  me a need for individual psychosomatic treatment for all athletes)


3. Beyond the brain.

Our range of social behavior-life performance and biological vitality is limited by our human physiology, which has evolved from that of more primitive vertebrates. This according to the Polyvagal Theory (including the concept of neuroception).

In team sports, it’s about improving the player’s ability for Neurophysiological State regulation. (Situational Creativity-Awareness+better decision making) The ability to fast change team disposition and successfully adapt to all kinds of scenarios. (Improving the ability of the player to do different things within our model and the structure we have planned for the match)





In the new reality, we see the athletes adaptive physiology (biomechanics) saturated with a history of emotional load and suppressed biological vitality – limiting performance and possibly leading to injury. A huge potential that can be transformed.  New vitality and performance are available


Testing Vegetative training by Fran Albert – Profesor Universitario at Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Performance coach SAD Real Valladolid, Spain.

  (A complex system approach, based on selfregulation and experience orientated )


My own experiences – May 2017- Valladolid-Spain

It may be bold of me to say that this type of training is the Aleph, the Alpha & Omega of  Sports training. However, it is what I feel.

For several days/(2 weeks) I have been able to experience in my own body a transformation of series of emotions that have made me balance my thoughts and the functioning of my body once again.

On the other hand, I was able to verify as well the development of a central defender that was with Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen during that time. I can say that I have been able to see a huge improvement in his performance when in competition and training.

I still cannot, however, quantify or explain fully what happened. What I do know is that Vegetative training translated into a very powerful and visible solidness, energy and explosive vitality.


igor 20 may 17 large

Igor Lichnovsky, May 2017. Real Valladolid


For that reason, I would like to express what I have gone through the last two weeks within these lines.

It all started at a time in my life when I was very concerned about the recovery process of athletes. After several years, one learns that the recovery process is as complex as human beings themselves. However, I am not quite convinced by all the methods or strategies used to carry out this process in the best possible way. Perhaps it is somewhat of a paradox.

It was at that time that Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen came up with a method called Vegetative Training, whose origins go back to the last century in Norway. He himself has been developing the method over time so it may be applied to the needs of every athlete.

liga mex

Igor Lichnovsky, Club Necaxa Best defender Liga MX Oct 2017

Briefly, I would like to say that with this method I have been able to learn to trust my body again as well as my feelings, vital emotions and all other forms of energy that have made me feel alive and free.

The truth is that when I met Inge I decided not to create expectations about what I was going to learn; I just wanted to enjoy the learning, teachings and moments associated with the transmission of a unique knowledge and wisdom.

If I refer to the training sessions, I would like to say that after doing some of the exercises Inge taught me, I could verify that I felt more alive, younger, more awake… full of energy and vitality again. And yet on other days, the exercises made me feel as though I was stunned or confused, which I had to overcome through a process of meditation while walking by myself.

From this time forward I regain once more all my energy, vitality and power. Perhaps these are terms I cannot explain very well. But I know perfectly well this is what I felt at the time.

I could say that each of the emotional changes that I might present in a particular moment is transformed into energy when I do the exercises proposed by vegetative training. Similarly, I understand this energy as the energy of change/ transformation toward a positive development of the process. In other words, each of the concerns I had could be converted into energy which was transformed into action and helped me to improve.

The time I spent with Inge was wonderful because I had the feeling I was recovering things that I had forgotten with the passing of time, and I felt really well unlearning all the things that had become a jail for me. Without meaning to and without being aware of it I had created over time a series of layers that did not allow me to express myself fully.
Personally, before starting to perform the exercises for this type of training, in the day-to-day activities of my professional and personal activity, my nervous system presented great stress, and this is one of the reasons I suffered a tremendous loss of energy.

I was very concerned about being able to recover in time to continue performing well in both areas, reflected in the feeling of enjoyment and fullness of action.

However, I felt that I was missing something to be able to combat this lack of balance and I did not know what it was exactly.

In every session, I was able to experience the sensation of my energy traveling throughout my body transforming at the same time my thoughts about what was worrying me.

With each exercise, I could help my body in that transformation and this was reflected later in specific areas such as certainty in making decisions, maintaining a better posture as well as achieving a calmer outlook when facing the various circumstances that arise in the daily course of my life.

All of this I can summarize in two things that are so instinctive of human beings such as survival and happiness through caring for the spirit and achieving a state of tranquillity, among others.

I know that doing this type of training is very good for me because my life, much as that of other people, is full of situations that cause physical or emotional imbalances or changes…. which are proper to human beings and the very complex environment which we share.

For this reason, I can believe that our organism is subjected directly to constant imbalances that it can solve through Vegetative training with its various forms of self-regulation activation to influence and restructure our minds and body.

epigenetic mechanism

I believe that in training the current football player, this method can provide the necessary help to those players who need it and who want to go to a higher level.

It is very important to be aware of this because, in order to bring about that change, the first step has to be taken by the player, and from then on, he himself will discover everything he is able to give to compete in order to achieve his dreams.

igor training chile nat teamo

Igor Lichnosvky, a central defender, Selected Chile National team, Training 22.03.18 Stockholm Sweden

In this way, and without thinking of magic, if we (sport scientist) understand the training process under a holistic approach, we will be able to complete the equation assuming that quality in the recovery process can produce a potential improvement of performance thanks to a possible re-establishment of the athlete’s emotional balance, among other aspects.


Emotions =  adaptive physiology. Transforming them with Vegetative training means new performance coming.

June 16th 2018 Real Valladolid won the playoff to enter LaLiga Santander for Season 2018/19. 1. League in Spanish football. Congratulation!!!
Screen shot 2018-06-17 at 08.29.13

Original text in  Spanish

May 2017

Sports Scientist – Performance coach of Real Valladolid SAD. Spain.

Francisco J. Albert García
Avenida del Mundial 82 s/n,
Skype: franalbert79

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