Elite runner Mads Valentin Tærsbøl on Vegetative Training

“When I first heard about Olivier, and Vegetative Training, I was curious about what it was, what it could do, and who ‘that magical guy’ from Belgium was. But I was also a little skeptical if it really was as good as I’ve read. I then started talking with a few people who’ve tried Vegetative Training, and I just knew that I had to give it a try myself.

The reason I tried it out in the first place was because I like the idea about the body have the ‘tools’ to heal itself, and recover better, instead of always going to various physiotherapist, acupunctures, kinesiologists and so on.

But the main reason behind it was that I had been struggling with a painful knee for a couple of months.


I’m an elite runner so with two daily run sessions + strength my body is really important to me, and with a bad knee I couldn’t perform, and train, the way I had to do.

For those couple of months I tried EVERYTHING in order to fix it, but it didn’t really help….but then I had a session with Olivier and that changed everything for me and my perspective on the body.

I’ve now had three sessions on Skype with Olivier, and what a great experience. Despite the fact that he was in Belgium and I in Denmark, and the only thing that connected us was a computer screen, I could feel right away that this guy could do something special – or as Olivier told me:

‘Your body can do something special – I’m just your guide.’

We started the session and the breathing-exercises we did were really new to me. At least since I was a little child (small children breathe like this).

Through different techniques Olivier all the time told me to think of a tree or a flower – even think about the ocean: those things ‘open’ and ‘close’ in a natural rhythm, and that’s how humans should do: physically as well as mentally.

After the session we spoke a while , and the rest of the day I felt completely energized in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. But the most amazing thing happened the next day: I couldn’t feel anything in my knee AT ALL. So happy!!!

Since then Olivier and I spoke two more times, and I now do the breathing exercises on a weekly basis,  but they’re not scheduled – cause that’s the thing that’s different about Vegetative Training (compared to a more standard training regime): Only do it when you feel for it due to the fact that the body/mind knows what it wants – and that’s the secret to a self-healing organism: Listen closely – it will tell you everything.

Try it: I can recommend Olivier – He’s a great guide/instructor, and you will really feel how passionate he is about helping people, and that’s admirable.

Vegetative training is definitely something I’ll continue to use, and actually it’s not that weird at all:-)


Olivier Goetgeluck my student practicing VGT in Antwerpen, Belgium, Feedback from his client .