Has Replicant thinking failed?


The human organism’s interpretation of and response to signals from its surroundings

epigenetic mechanism

Challenges (microbiological, thermal, climatic, chemical, physical, mental, relational etc.) activate evolutionary conserved sense organs . After processing, the signals are transmitted to the central nervous system, immune system, autonomous nervous system, endocrine(hormone) system (the organisms adaptive systems – vegetative system) – before the organism makes a response.

The response will depend on the context in which the stimulus is presented, as well as on the previous experience (disturbances stored in the neuro physiological foundation for communication, attachment, self regulation and emotion) and development of the organism’s adaptive systems.

This means that two individuals with the same genetic make-up (identical twins with identical DNA) may experience a given stimulus differently and also make a different response to it, as a result of experience-conditioned epigenetic processes..