footbal vegetative training

THE VEGETATIVE SYSTEM – the approach vegetative training

“The vegetative system consist of the hormone balance, the immune system and the autonomous nervous system sympathetic / para- sympathetic”.

The approach can be considered as a holistic, almost monoistic approach in understanding the human organism, and looks at all the manifestations of the organism as an expression of aspects of the same whole. Central to this whole is the functionality ,of the vegetative system, which is seen as one of the pillars of the organism’s adaptation, and will determine how the organism is able to utilize its growth and self-regulation potential..

All disorders – mental or body- is also an disorders in the vegetative system. This disorder is essentially a contradiction in the vegetative system, which could not be resolved in a satisfactory way for the individual. Any mental phenomenon has its physical body correlate (answer).

The function of the vegetative system is based on assimilation of contradictions. Disorders in the vegetative system is unresolved contradictions in the same system.

These differences in the vegetative system is reflected in the organism. When the vegetative system is precluded optimal function through this contradiction, this will penetrate into the organism’s organizations at all levels.

The vegetative system is in a dialectical relation to the entire organism, even to it self. This means that the mirror of the vegetative contradiction in the organism, is characterized partly by the organism own compensations to this contradiction seen organismic, but also by the vegetative system’s own compensatory measures.

By any mental or somatic disorders in the organism, the restoration of normal vegetative functions will lead to an optimizations of the specific organism’s functionality.

The organism’s own healing powers springs out from the vegetative system, and works through this system on all other biochemical, physiological, somatic, emotional and cognitive processes.

Change happens centrally and spreads peripheral in the organism-


The method is an incredibly powerful way of putting the homoeostasis
 (performance characteristic) of an organism in movement, to support an in depth
 transformation of its dynamic. One session about 45 min.

Vegatative training targets the imperfect/lacking contact with basic and spontaneous biologically determined movements that characterize the  athlete.. This contact may be more or less disturbed, but it is always disturbed.