Major improvement of a Pro Athlete

baines coleman - Baines and Coleman – FC Everton

Vegetative training. A science-methodology beyond the realm and possible reality  of today’s sport medicine and sport science.  Improving our pillars of adaptation and performance – the vegetative system.

So fare only a few knows is its possible to significantly expand the performance characteristic of a pro athlete without any medicine, traditional training or physical contact.  That its possible to transform injury, tiredness and emotional load to  exhilarating new performance.

A Pro athletes self-confidence, breathing capacity,  mental strength/focus, velocity, bio-mechanical flow, reaction time, coordination skills and rapid decisions are decided by his performance grid.  (the homoeostasis)  This grid is connected to all adaptive functions with a lot of inner disturbance that limits top performance of the organism.  Through traditional training there is small movement and improvement comes slowly. (usually the strong limiting structures can not be removed with traditional training.)


World Champ Ultraman 27. Nov 2016.  Inaki de la Parra.

(Eternally grateful to Inge Jarl Clausen & his method to overcome my own demons/mental issues and transform my psychological & physical limitations to exhilaration performance I never had before/  The cool thing I can feel there is more performance to come with  Vegetative Training , Inaki de la Parra   #Joy)

What we do is different.  We open up the whole performance grid. Put it in tremendous movement so inner dynamic starts to transforms and limiting structures starts dissolving. (disturbance in adaptive physiology)  After each session the system body re-organizes it self at a higher level of functionality.  This my tradition has done for more than 60 years.

After 2-3 weeks with the method any Pro Athlete will unavoidably  reach a higher level of performance.  This must happen if one uses the method. Its unavoidable as the limiting structures transform to new performance. So it does not matter how good a Pro Athlete is.

The method is not mental training or physiotherapy or any touch or talking.  After one session about 45 minutes the organism lifts to a higher level of functionality.

The beginning of a new performance world – Vegetative training impact on Pro Sport

The last 3-4 years Ive done work in Everton FC, Manchester City, and supporting Austrian National team with Vegetative training.  Several footballers had remarkable development using Vegetative training.

And in Pro cycling supporting stage win in Tour de France and silver Rio 2016

jakob  permie ut rio

ith a 40 year old world top 10 table tennis player with interesting results. No 4 Rio 2016.

vlad  drinkhall 4 2

The Austrian Experiment

In July 2014 vegetative training was implemented in the Austrian National team Football. Austria won group G, and qualified for Euro Cup 2016. 28 of 30 possible points. Not lost a match. The method has supported improved FIFA world ranking from 46 to 10 (FIFA ranking 5 Nov.. 2015).

austria france 2016

The next level of performance

Maybe You are there almost at the top. Training systematic and very hard but struggle to reach next level. Maybe some injury still bothering You.  Or maybe You already are one of the best. A clever veteran, a world champion that wants to win again. Seeing younger competitor growing stronger. Thinking about younger injury free days. Wish You could be younger again. Maybe You are a talented young athlete not having the patience to wait several years for glory. Just want to improve faster than the competition.


A need to update Sport Science

In traditional Sport science and training one pushes oneself day by day until the inner dynamic of the organism reaches is maximum and the organism in away starts to compensate and break down. Sport science  so fare do not go deep enough and misses the opportunity to open up new deep performance potential. And so fare has not found a way to really achieve deep recovery and a way to make our organism grow younger

Expanding the human capacity

A smarter way is to first open up and release the inner mechanisms and structures that limit performance. Create a organism that can be pushed more. Lift the organism to a higher level of functionality. This is what we do gradually with vegetative training. A Norwegian method.

Vegetative training  uses a breathing method and is a incredibly powerful way of putting the homoeostasis of an organism (the performance characteristic) in movement, so as to support an in depth transformation of its dynamic. One session about 45 min. Every session will gradually improve all functions of the organism. Improvement starts centrally in the organism and spreads peripheral to all other biochemical, physiological, somatic, emotional and cognitive processes.

Since we all carry limitations in our organism the performance coming will surprise most. (its like reprogramming and tuning the organism from inside). It really does not matter how good You are.  Because improvement is unavoidable as organismic limitations are transformed to new performance. (A very few will fail to have use of this method. This because the inhibition of breathing is an important part of the psychological  defence. A chronic inflexible personality / muscular Armour. Then its to threatening for the organism to open the breathing freely and start the deep transformation)

Look around this blog for info in other languages  as French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Chines or Arabic.

Start building a new, younger and stronger organism

The method will activate Epi genetic mechanisms ( new-re programming of genes) and start a rejuvenation of the organism. The method usually releases and transform  underlying organismic structures that keeps injuries going. And injuries will usually heal faster than normal.

Self-healing always starts centrally in the organism,( party through epi genetic mechanisms)  and then  spreads peripheral to all other biochemical, physiological, somatic, emotional and cognitive processes. It has its origin in the Vegetative system/processes,  Counter-productive can be touching /manipulative approach to the organism. It can be dangerous. Because it adds disturbance/delay to  expanding self-healing/self-regulation processes/functions.

The practical work

One are laying on a therapy bench doing a special breathing method for about 45 minutes. This might sound easy but is usually  hard work and pretty strange.  The body can start shaking with  uncontrolled. spasms..  Not all athletes has the  discipline and mental power to  provoke their existing  performance characteristic , emotional load,   and psychological defence of their world. But this is needed to improve the inner performance level.

Based on a old medical/psychological tradition from Norway

The method is based on an old medical/psychological tradition from Norway that have more than 60 years experience with improving self-confidence, coordination skill, breathing capacity, bio mechanic and mental focus/strength. Its called Self regulated and experience orientated vegetotherapy. SOV. Developed by Kjell Standal in Bergen ( In sport I call it Vegetative training. VGT.

After about 3 weeks substantial improvement of:

1. Faster and more precise coordination skill.

2. Bio–mechanic more fluid, faster and lighter

3. Mental focus and mental strength.

4. Breathing movement – lung/capacity.

5. Self confidence and inner motivation

Sending You good vibes here from Muhlbach, Kiefersfelden. Bayern, Germany.

Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen
Mobile. Europe +47 98 6666 53
Facebook: Inge-Jarl Clausen
Skype: ingejarlclausen
Twitter @ijclausen

2 thoughts on “Major improvement of a Pro Athlete

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  2. Hi Inge,

    I’m so interested in learning the VGT. How is that possible? I’m working as a bodyworker and therapeutic movement trainer i Copenhagen. My clients vary from private persons, to actors, musicians, and executives in Deloitte.

    Thank you so much!

    BW, Regin

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