The making of a Superstar – Vegetative training

The transformation of Seamus Coleman- Everton FC-

Here from Everton FC in the Sport Magazine Austria August 2013.

# For several years Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen has worked internationally as a therapist. He´s specialized in working with athletes. In today’s sports industry the need for higher performance is a good base for his method These days he has been booked by soccer clubs. In spring 2013 Clausen worked in Premier League with players from FC Everton and Manchester City.

The results were convincing, as Danny Donachie, Head of Medical Services in FC Everton confirms to the Sportmagazin. In Everton, we are trying everything to be better than our competition. Inge has helped us a lot with that. Clausen got in contact with the club by sending them an email with a short description of his therapy approach and asked for a meeting. Donachie had prompt interest in it because he always was on the lookout for new methods to improve his team..

Though he was skeptical in the beginning “due to the fact this approach is different to everything they tried before. No touch, no talking!. It’s truly a new paradigm in sports development., says Donachie. So before using the method on his players Donachie and his Medical Team tried it on themselves. After one week with Vegetative training, the effects were “stunning”, as Donachie remembers. Also the biggest skeptics in the medical staff reported of unimagined well-being and a clear subjectively improvement.

Thereupon the team committed two players to Clausen. Those two players were suffering from long time injuries and low fitness. The results were astonishing. “Both athletes improved a lot. The players showed amazingly more self-confidence on the court. Especially Séamus Colemans condition increased tremendously.

After working with Inge, for two weeks Coleman played eight games in a row and was voted ‘Man of the Match’ five times.” It´s hard to prove that the changes were directly connected to Vegetative training but for Donachie and his team, there is no doubt about it.


Due to these facts Clausen will surely be invited working with them in the upcoming season., says Donachie.#

Manchester United transfer news: Jose Mourinho makes Everton ace Seamus Coleman top target with £16m lined up

I was invited back to Everton FC nov-dec 2013. This time as I worked with Seamus my intention was to lift him to his next level as footballer.. During the first sessions we discussed what could be his next level. He said he felt he wanted to score. During his 5th session everything fell in to place. He had a strong vegetative breakthrough and said he felt fully he was ready to start scoring.

Next day he started his scorings run. He has scored in 5 matches in the next 4 weeks since i left. When I started with Seamus he was 2nd choice and worth a few hundred thousand GBP. Now his worth +10 millionpunds and The Guardian rated him as Evertons best player in their Midterm Premier League review 2013-14.

The players using the method are more confident. They run more than 10% longer. They make better passes, They started scoring and makes assists and in general perform better. Everton FC was no. 8th when I came. Now they are no 5 and only 4 points away from qualifying in Champion liga.

Here a summary from the newspaper Liverpool Echo. about Evertons Seamus Coleman development He had interesting improvement since started with VGT spring2013.

Seamus Coleman won the Players’ Player of the Season during the Everton Football Club end of season awards night at St George’s Hall in Lime Street, Liverpool, on Wednesday, May 7, 2014

( )

April 23rd
2014 Seamus Coleman- Numbers

6 – The number of league goals the Irishman has scored this season, equalling his entire career total before the start of this season.

40 – Coleman has made 40 key passes this season, joint-highest of any defender in the Premier League. Who is jostling with him at the top? Leighton Baines.

486 – The number of Seamus Colemans Barcelona could have bought instead of Dani Alves. Alves became the most expensive right back in the world at £29.2m, while Coleman cost just £60k.

38 – Coleman now averages 38 passes per game under Roberto Martinez – in his first full season at the club, he averaged just 20.

May 25 th 2014

Everton season review: Statistical look back at the 2013/14 campaign

Everton’s full-back pairing Coleman and Baines is widely regarded as the best in the Premier League with Seamus Coleman making his way into the PFA Team of the Year and Leighton Baines going to the World Cup finals in Brazil this summer as England’s first choice left-back.

Like many of the best modern full-backs the swashbuckling pair were just as effective in the opposition half as their own.
They contributed 11 goals between them but their strikes came in contrasting fashion.

While Baines’ five all came from dead ball situations – three penalties plus a brace of free-kicks on the same afternoon at West Ham – Coleman’s six efforts were all from open play.

Although Baines was on set-piece duty throughout the season, he only had 15 shots at goal as opposed to Coleman’s 23 who also had the best shot conversion rate at the club (26%) for anyone who had more than 20 attempts which shows how the Irishman’s approach differs from predecessor Tony Hibbert.

Coleman completed 1235 of his 1395 passes for a figure of 89% accuracy which belied his off-the-cuff style while Baines was successful with 1305 of his 1521 passes (86%).
Both did not neglect their defensive duties though and with Baines winning 76 of his 94 tackles and Coleman 58 of his 72 challenges they finished with almost identical 81% success rate

Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen
Norway: +47 98 6666 53
Facebook: Inge-Jarl Clausen
Skype: ingejarlclausen
Twitter @ijclausen

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